"I'm not easy trustful person and really careful.I was totally lost with my neck and back pain. Pain I could not take any longer.Dr.Markley is very knowledgable and fantastic in his profession, caring and very helpful.Doctor who know what he's doing and talking about.The clinic is small but cozy and friendly filled with useful professional equipment.During every visit Dr was explaining every step of therapy, making sure I understand everything and if I have any questions.Highly recommend Dr. Markley and his practice to anyone."  -ratemds.com

"I went to Dr. Markley as a skeptic -- and only after researching and exhausting all my other options. I am now a true believer. I had been suffering for about 6 months with an acute case of
plantar fasciitis in my right foot and was tired of the pain and the limits it put on my daily activity -- literally every step was painful. Dr. Markley listened carefully, explained his philosophy and had me do a set of exercises in the office. When he was sure I understood, I was sent home with homework. Within 3 months (and 3 appointments) my case was resolved. I was so happy, I sent my husband to see him -- also a nonbeliever and no is a convert as well. His pain was difficult to explain, but Dr. Markley was able to resolve his back-pain issue within 4 appointments and give him some exercises and precautions o that the problem will not reoccur. I hope… -ratemds.com

"Where do I begin? Dr. Markley knows his stuff.  I recently had a terrible, nagging elbow injury that I was being treated for at a nearby orthopedic surgeon's office about 8 weeks ago. After 3 visits, and numerous suggestions for surgery and other drastic measures... I decided to go see a chiropractor and get a '2nd' opinion.  When I met Dr. Markley, I knew he was for real. He made the MD I saw look like a novice, I was blown away by his knowledge, technique, empathy, and attention to my problem.  After 2 short visits, I was back to better-than-normal.  His approach to medicine healed me, and I immediately referred family members to him as they all had equally pleasant experiences under his care.  I would highly recommend Dr. Markley to anyone... he's now my '1st opinion'!" -

"I would highly recommend him to anyone with sports injuries. I've had two serious sports injuries (hamstring and rotator); on both of which he provided effective care and advice that treated the injury as a professional athlete would and I avoided surgery. On more than one occasion, he adjusted his schedule to accommodate mine, sticking around after hours to maintain my treatment schedule. He doesn't overbook so I've never waited more an 10 min to see him. He runs a small clinic with personal care that worked very well for me." -ratemds.com

"Dr. Markley is a wonderful care provider with a holistic approach without any pretense. He is caring and very engaging and his techniques are very helpful for minor injuries, intense pain, as well as preventative health. I really enjoy his office and his style and would highly recommend anyone try him first if interested in chiropractic care…" -ratemds.com

"Dr. Markley knows his stuff... very helpful, caring, and makes other MDs I've seen look bad by comparison, I was very impressed by his level of care and happy with the good vibe I get at his office, highly recommended." -ratemds.com

"Dr. Markley was very personable and knowledgeable. He helped me immensely. He is very family oriented and caring." -ratemds.com