Welcome to Hinsdale Chiropractic Health Care!  You are likely here because you are looking for a natural way to treat your acute/chronic pain or the sprain/strain that occurred over the weekend.  We will work closely with your team of doctors to find the quickest possible resolution for you.  

Our specialty is conservative, non-surgical orthopedic care.  When you are in pain, your body is undergoing an inflammatory process that is creating that pain.  Our job is to find and address the cause of your pain, not mask it.  What you can expect from us is individualized time that is one-on-one with Dr. Maldonado.  During that time, you will receive a variety of care, (visit our services page to find out more information).  This approach to care allows us to reduce your time in pain while providing the long term tools that are necessary for you to remain pain free.



Even if you have been evaluated before by any other healthcare provider, we will start with a detailed history of your complaint.  The history is often the most important part of your visit.  The history combined with the doctor’s advanced training in diagnostics, provide the foundation of your treatment, hence the importance.  Topics that will be discussed will include when and how your problem started, factors that may worsen or improve your symptoms, your past medical history and your nutritional habits.  You should arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled visit to fill out paper work.  If you would like to fill it out before your visit, you will find the new patient forms here.

New Patient Intake Form

Insurance Form

Consent to Treatment

Car Accident Questionnaire

Worker’s Comp Questionnaire


After we discuss your history, our next step will be the evaluation.  The evaluation will include range of motion, neurologic and orthopedic testing.  In addition we may assess posture, evaluate muscle strength, perform a gait analysis, and observe your movement patterns.  We will also palpate muscle tone and determine the mobility of your joints.  All of this information will be combined to create a specific treatment plan.


After the history and evaluation, we may need to order additional test such as labs, xrays, MRI’s, CT scans or ultrasound.  If additional testing is required, we will write an order for the test and direct you to the appropriate facility.  These additional test are only ordered to aid us in the proper diagnosis.  No unnecessary testing will be done.


Depending on the nature and degree of your problem, we may or may not start treatment on your initial visit.  However, before any treatment is performed, we will discuss different treatment options in detail.  We believe that it is our job to educate you on the nature of your problem and let you make the most informed decision about your health.  As always, we will allow adequate time to answer any questions that you may have.

What you should bring

An open mind, loose fitting pants, tank tops or sports bras and any relevant medical history included prior laboratory analysis and images such as x-rays, MRI’s and CT scans.